Thursday, July 10, 2008


Cityfile is the new Gawker. It gets to the heart of what people liked about Gawker but without the silly bullshit about nobodies like Julia Allison, Kristian Laliberte, etc. I get enough of those annoying, egocentric, spoiled brats wandering around the West Village.

Cityfile is the real deal because it talks about the people New Yorkers really care about – people with money and power who are not necessarily household names. Like the obscure hedge fund titans who you never hear about but who are more essential to NYC than Tinsley Mortimer.

Gawker is a clique of self-referencing, self-promoting, incestuous trust fund kids. Cityfile has the potential to be a class-warfare tool - assuming it isn’t shut down or neutered by lawsuits from the high-priced lawyers that the profile subjects will undoubtedly sic on it. But kudos to Remy Stern for kick-starting the backlash against the new aristocrats. Viva la revolucion!

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